A Little Bit of Background



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The Barcelou/Batchelder path chosen is decidedly less travelled. Brandon and Chloe committed themselves to their creativity with a willingness to work from scratch so that their lifestyle could actually begin to reflect what they each envisioned. That takes courage, and an ability to do without what most of us view as indispensable.
— Huffington Post


It’s hard to tell my story without getting lost on the tangent paths my life has taken, which, until I began working in film, never seemed to connect in a way befitting a proper resume. Here, regardless, is some of it:

In childhood, I was inspired by many things, much to the dismay of my school teachers. I marveled at anything handcraft: from the metal, stone and woodworking of colonial craftsmen, to the intricate, embellished and ingenious lore of the Native Americans; from the limitless imagination of artists’ renderings to the precision and power of engineering. If it could be made, I wanted to make it.

In my teenage years, I attended a tech school and learned some finish carpentry and framing. Midway through, my family moved, and I would complete my high school education at a night program, instead. By day, I worked for my stepfather, learning the tricks of the welding, in a short time leaving to weld large steel for a company that made the framework for large scale structures.

In my twenties, I would work in several trades, from electrical, to construction, to finish carpentry, while attending college, again at night, dabbling in a multitude of arts in my spare time.

Nothing has changed, save for the fact that I was fortunate to discover a career that allows me to make almost anything. Day by day, I design, draw, draft, engineer, craft, woodwork, weld, sculpt and paint all manner of serious and silly things.

Photo’s Courtesy of Pat Piasecki