Photo Courtesy John Hession

What You Haven’t Seen on TV

Being chosen for HGTV’s Tiny House Big Living was a surreal thrill. Suddenly our little project was being seen around the country and beyond. One article after another began to appear, locally at first, and then the Daily Mail published an interview in the U.K., which prompted a cascade of subsequent sharing by publications around the world, all the way to China. It was truly astonishing. Misquotes and misunderstandings aside, most publications did a fine job of the facts, but it was immediately clear that many people had questions as to the more specific workings of our house. What’s more, due to a multitude of logistical complications, we simply weren’t able to complete everything we had planned in time for the show’s wrap. Unfortunate, because there’s plenty of really cool features yet to come! Not to worry, though. You can find out the scoop here.

What's Left To Do

The Conspicuous Cavity

Perchance you noticed that empty chamber beneath our front door. This peculiar space is built into the design for two reasons: First, the office expansion floors fold out and downward; if the floor wasn’t raised, those hinging sections would be obstructed by the trailer’s wheel wells. Second, the cavity provides a travel location for our collapsible deck, along with its accompanying pergola. As this area isn't essential for habitation, it'll probably be the last thing we construct. Though we haven't yet any drawings to show, the design is complete, floating around in my head. When we have a rendering, we'll post an image here. Stay tuned!



Solar power is our preference. Our place is small and the sun is generous. As previously mentioned, we will have an RV-like electrical hookup option, but we ultimately intend to acquire as many panels and batteries as necessary to comfortably supply our power demands. We will be running electrical wires through metal conduit inside, and some outside. Our design has something of a steampunk quality to it and we thought the exposed rigid and flexible piping along with boxes would pair nicely with our copper plumbing piping.



Weighing in at about 6 1/2 K lbs, our home is light enough to tow with just about any full size pickup truck, but we quickly realized that its design looks, well, a little strange next to most modern vehicles. Smaller Mac Trucks have a charm about them that could partner nicely, but they can be very expensive. We’re talking mortgage expensive, which defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? We're leaning toward 1 of two options: We will either cut up and rebuild a box (moving) truck, or customize what's known in the military as a deuce and a half. Not only are these vehicles monsters at towing, but they’re pretty cheap and reliable, starting up without complaint after sitting for long periods. We're open to other vehicles, too. The most important thing is, regardless of what vehicle we ultimately chose, we will build a box onto the back to act as a kind of mobile storage unit/work station. 

Photo's Courtesy of Pat Piasecki