Though B&C Productions first began as a set design company, focusing on film, theatre and photography, it quickly became more. At the latter end of 2014, we applied our theatrical perspective to the creation of an entirely different kind of project; a tiny house on wheels. Brimming with the artistic desire to live in the fantastical worlds we create, we set out not only to manifest that dream, but also to circumnavigate the financial constraints that so many aspiring artists and artisans know so well, in hopes that our experience might serve as an education—by example of our successes and failures alike. Seasoned by the myriad of logistical challenges we faced along the way, we're pleased to dedicate ourselves now to creative projects of all kinds, large and small, sharing what we learn along the way in hopes that something of our experience might benefit alternative lifestyle seekers and the world they’re trying to improve.

Our site is under construction. Thanks so much for your patience! Check back with us soon to see our additions and improvements, to our site and our home!