Photo Courtesy of Bruce Luetters/3Sixty Photography

Cat & Mouse

Set in a 1920’s era speakeasy, a kind of prohibition era underground club for those not so interested in following rules, this set was designed to look lavish, but makeshift, as if the rebellious owners had secretly crafted it in their basement.  

Video Courtesy of 256 Films & Manny X

Chloe's Photo-shoot 

Speakeasy Set Design 3.jpg

Photo's Courtesy of Bruce Luetters/3Sixty Photography

The Making Of Cat & Mouse

One of our fastest jobs, this set was up and running in a week. Working around a stringent budget, we used 1/8” plywood and ceiling strapping for structure, sculpted bricks in patches, to look as though the plaster had begun pealing (this shortcut probably saved us a week sculpting and painting), after which we color-washed a multitude of layers to create detail along with age. The stage was built of shipping pallets, and the barrel stand of 2/4’s from a dismantled warehouse shelf.

Chloe and I also handpicked all the props from Westerman’s Prop House. After they were delivered, I of course submissively acquiesced to Chloe’s styling dictation.  

Set The Scene

Photo's Courtesy of Bruce Luetters/3Sixty Photography