Last Lift of the leg

A lovable short comedy, Last Lift of the Leg hilariously tells the story of an upscale pet funeral home, whose clients seek more than a solemn ceremony in the backyard; they want the pomp and ceremony that our dearly departed human kin are payed, but as the long list of friends and family arrive for this prestigious farewell, a series of gossipy revelations disturb the peace as mourners from all corners come to clash.

Last Lift was filmed on a sound stage in Manhattan - winter 2015. We were able to put this set together in under four days, with a $5K budget, which included construction materials, interior design, props and wardrobe. Though this set was significantly smaller and less complex than our previous work, we had a chance to apply what we had learned and really make the most of our time and our budget. 

Set The Scene

Behind The Scenes