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The effect upon entering their luxe camper is Wonkaesque. The interior opens up expansively, a maximalistic jewel-box reveal
— The Huffington Post
That the Tiny House merges fantasy with domesticity comes as no accident, for most all components were gathered, cast-off props and film set or photo shoot accessories, gleaned post production from sites where the couple, a formidably talented production design team, had worked.
— Huffington Post
It is a command center outfitted in chandeliers, paper flower garlands, hand-painted furniture and a green carpeted, custom-built rabbit hutch, the kind of vessel where both a Captain Picard and a Captain Jack Sparrow could meet over a cup of tea, or perhaps something stronger.
— Huffington Post

Photo's Courtesy of Pat Piasecki, & Morgan Karanasios & Jenn Bakos

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