Q: Is your tiny house insulated?
A: Yes! There is about an inch and a half between the inside and outside walls, and we use a mixture of pink fiberglass and foam board insulation.

Q: How much does your tiny house weigh?
A: Roughly about 7, 500 pounds.

Q: What do you tow it with?
A: Any mid to large sized truck (a 250 or more) is capable of towing our tiny home. At the moment, we rent a truck from Enterprise, although we have plans to purchase our own tow vehicle, which will also serve as our toolbox and storage shed on wheels.

Q: How many square feet is it?
A: Including our loft space, the tiny house is about 300 square feet.

Q: What's the toilet situation?
A: We use a composting ‘separate’ toilet, meaning the urine and feces are separated. The urine is disposed of in a safe, designated spot and the feces is composted. We save hundreds of gallons of water per years in flushes!

Q: Does it have plumbing?
A: You betcha! Our home is plumbed using traditional methods with copper piping. We also have two 55 gallon holding water tanks that gravity feed to each of our plumbed spaces. Currently we use an on-demand water heater, and we plan to add gutters for rainwater collection. We have two (going on three) sinks. One in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and one coming to Brandon’s ‘shaving area’. We also have an indoor and outdoor shower. We use biodegradable soaps, and are working on a filtering process for our grey water.

Q: Does it have electricity?
A: Yep! Just like your house would. We plan to convert to solar energy (and maybe wind) to have entirely off-grid capabilities. Our wires run through exposed conduit.

Q: Does your home require gas?
A: Yes, both our water heater, stove and winter heater run off propane. We use two 45lb tank, with a 20lb tank backup.

Q: What do you heat with?
A: We use a Rinnai ventless on demand propane wall heater, and supplement with an electric room heater. Usually the electric heater is enough to heat the room. We also put plastic over the windows and use curtains during the winter months. The house stays cozy and warm in the winter!

Q: What inspired/precipitated your lifestyle?
A: Working as freelance artist, especially in the film industry can be financially challenging, not to mention the jobs and opportunities are spread throughout the country. We thought we could simultaneously cut our expenses, while having the capabilities to find work anywhere it was happening.

Q: Why a tiny house and not an RV?
A: Firstly, at the time we couldn’t afford the ‘nice’ type of RV we would have preferred. We also saw the tiny house as having a lot of creative opportunities and decided we could make it a portfolio piece of our production company.

Q: What’s the tiny house built on?
A: We built it on an 18 foot diamond plated steel trailer we found used (in great condition) on Craigslist for $1,000. We have since replaced the leaf springs and plan to replace the axels (for a higher weight capability) and tires/rims.

Q: Where can we/will we park it?
A: We can technically park in any public space such as public parking lots or National Parks, although only temporarily. By law in many states we can also park at RV sites or campgrounds for up to six months every year. We can also park in private parking spots offered by residents and this is our preferred route. We usually pay someone a rental fee for a small corner of their yard and hookups.

Q: How long did it take us to build?
A: The initial framing/construction took 9 months. It took another few months to add plumbing and amenities, but we actually view it as never finished. We have a lot of additions and refinements to make since we initially built it. We joke it will be finished the day we move out.

Q: Expanding roof- tell me more…
A: You can find out all the ‘how’s and why’s’ here.

Q: How do your offices expand?
A: They fold out, like a cardboard box. Find our more here.

Q: How are the extensions sealed?
A: All of our expanding elements are sealed using ‘weather stripping’ – the rubber stuff commonly used in cars to seal door jams, etc.

Q: What’s the 'fridge situation?
A: At the moment, we use a fridge we found for free, and it’s stored in an unfinished part of the tiny house that is not often photographed. We plan to build it in, with additional cabinetry surrounding. We’re looking for something cute and efficient (and light) and possibly retro to match our fridge. Tall order, huh?

Q: Do you have common RV hookups?
A: Similar, yes. See above.

Q: Storage? Where do we keep our stuff?
A: In addition to a lot of built in storage in the tiny home, we also have a 10 x 10 metal shipping container we often refer to as ‘the garage’. We have more stuff than the usual tiny home owner due to our professions, and plan to replace our storage unit with our tow vehicle.

Q: Where do you find your decorations?
A: Everywhere! The trash, the side of the road, the flea-market, the thrift store, the town dump, the local boutique shop and every once in a while, Anthropologie or Ikea. A lot of cool things have been passed down from film sets as well.

Q: How do you get up to the loft?
We have a custom built ladder that works for both sides of the loft – the bedroom area and the guest bed/couch area. The Mahogany wood the ladder is made with was recycled off the trailer. It came with a wood fence when we bought it off Craigslist, and we used that wood in various projects throughout the house, including the kitchen counter-top.